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REDP Human Rights and Equality Seminars

The Regional Equality and Diversity Partnership (REDP) will be holding a series of briefing seminars for the Voluntary and Community Sector during January and February 2012 on Human Rights and its relationship to equalities.

 The 2 hour seminars will focus on the Human Rights Act and how it can be used to tackle inequality and disadvantage. (more…)

Pension Rights and Age Discrimination – 8 February 2012

In July 2010, the Public Sector Pensions Commission, led by right wing think tank ‘The Institute of Economic Affairs’ and private bosses club ‘The Institute of Directors’ published their findings into the funding of public sector pensions. It’s no surprise, given the membership of the Commission, that they found a raft of so-called problems with public sector pensions. But take a closer look and you’re forced to ask – do these problems really exist?

As the TUC response to the Commission states ‘The government’s own figures for projected expenditure on public sector pensions shows that it is neither an unsupportable burden on future generations, nor that it is out of control.’ On the contrary, public sector pension schemes are neither “gold plated” nor short of funds. (more…)