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Government policies undermine equalities work, new research reveals

Voluntary Sector North West has recently published research undertaken by CLES and partners at the Centre for Local Policy Studies exploring the impact of emerging government policies upon equalities issues in the North West. The research has found that:

  1. Reforms have come at a cost
  2. New forms of representation are weak and exclude equalities groups
  3. Spending cuts are damaging voluntary sector capacity to deliver big society
  4. The new policy framework is liable to reinstate old patterns of exclusion and discrimination
  5. Implementation is disproportionately harming the most excluded
  6. The capacity of equalities groups to participate and hold public bodies to account is heading towards a point of critical failure. (more…)

Tackling Broken Britain – Conference

22 May 2012

Manchester Conference Centre


A lack of respect, a misguided sense of entitlement, a breakdown in moral authority, simple opportunism, pure criminality…these are just some of the responses to the riots that erupted across Britain in August 2011. But what are the real reasons behind this mass disorder? Many were quick to blame gang culture or issues within the criminal justice system, but surely the riots are really indicative of the deepening inequality within our society. (more…)

Using the equality duty to make fair financial decisions

With major reductions in public spending, organisations in Great Britain are being required to make difficult financial decisions. The equality duty requires public authorities to demonstrate that they are making financial decisions in a fair, transparent and accountable way, considering the needs and the rights of different members of their community. This is achieved through assessing the impact that changes to policies and practices could have on different protected groups.

The duty does not prevent public authorities from making difficult decisions such as reorganisations and relocations, redundancies, and service reductions, nor does it stop public authorities from making decisions which may impact on one group more than another group. (more…)

EDF Call for Public Sector Equality Duty Case Studies

EDF are trying to collect case studies from voluntary and community sector organisations that have worked effectively with public authorities to either frame and/or improve their approach to the Public Sector Equality Duty. (more…)

Help develop a public sector equality duty toolkit for the voluntary sector

Engagement event on 18th October 2011 in Birmingham (1300-1600) and London (1400-1700)

A consortium from the Equality and Diversity Forum and Citizens Advice has been awarded a contract by the Government Equalities Office to develop an Equality Duty toolkit for voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations. The aim is to produce a set of materials that will help VCS organisations make sure that public bodies are effectively using the new public sector equality duty to tackle discrimination and promote equality.  The Equality and Diversity Forum believe the best way to produce such tools is to involve the organisations that will use them in the design and testing process. (more…)

TUC – The Equality Deficit Conference

A free conference for everyone who cares about the future of equality.

When? Wednesday 16 November 2011

Where? TUC, Congress House, Great Russell St, London WC1B 3LS. (more…)

brap: Equality Objectives and Public Authorities: Tips, hints, and bright ideas

brap have published a new guide for public authorities.

With the passing of the Equality Act Specific Duties Regulations, public authorities now have a duty to devise and publish one or more equality objectives.

In this short and accessible guide brap recount some tips and strategies they’ve picked up over 13 years of helping organisations develop equality schemes and policies.

As ever, this guide is designed to help you go beyond the law to make equality a reality for your staff, customers, and the communities you serve.

Please read the full guide Equality Objective and Public Authorities.

Get involved in the listening exercise on the Open Public Services White Paper

Deadline for responses is 30 September 2011

The Government launched the Open Public Services White Paper in July 2011, setting out major changes in the relationship between the state, communities, individuals and the private sector. A listening exercise is being conducted by the Government and the deadline for comments is 30 September 2011. (more…)

New Best Value Guidance issued for local authorities

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have issued their Best Value Guidance which sets out some expectations of the way local authorities should work with voluntary and community groups when making funding decisions. The guidance states that the councils should not pass on disproportionate cuts to local and voluntary groups and that voluntary sector organisations should be given three months’ notice if their funding is to be reduced or ended.

EHRC Research Report 70 – The equality duties and schools

The Commission has launched a first of its kind report looking at the action taken by schools in England and Wales under the race, disability and gender equality duties, which were superseded on 5 April this year by the new Public Sector Equality Duty. The research which was carried out by Ipsos MORI, contains evidence from schools about the impact that the equality duties have had on improving pupil outcomes.